Aunties Tell Their Stories

Aboriginal women Elders are currently working with the Gathering Ground team to plan and co-curate a showcase of their stories and creative work spanning five years and featuring their recent production, Once Upon a Place. The showcase, comprising stories, songs, weaving, puppetry, graphic and multimedia work, will be presented at the Aboriginal Cultural Centre in the second half of 2020 to coincide with  NAIDOC week celebrations and to mark the conclusion of the Stories From Our Place project.

Working in New Ways

The Gathering Ground team is exploring new ways of working with young women and children in response to a changed and challenging social environment. Together with schools and other community partners, we are exploring online engagement strategies and digital presentation of new creative work.  Meanwhile, as the Stories From Our Place project draws to a close, the Gathering Ground team is once again looking at funding options to continue our work with vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Celebrating International Women's Day

Stories From Our Place culminated in a series of live performances and multimedia installations, celebrating International Women’s Day at the Wollongong Town Hall. Opening on 6 March with a public performance, over 200 women and girls participated in the event. The installation, on display from 6 – 12 March combined three threads of project activity; Cringila Tales and Trails (showcasing work from Cringila Public School children); Her Be-longings (featuring stories from immigrant and refugee women) and Once Upon a Place (the creative production of Aboriginal women Elders and Indigenous girls).